#Submarine | Aqua Soap

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#Submarine | Aqua Soap



#Submarine Aqua soap is just what you need to refresh your senses. This deep cleansing bar helps rejuvenate your senses and refreshes you so you can take on anything that comes your way. Crafted especially for men, Submarine Aqua soap helps to extract dirt, pollutants and grime so that your pores are clean and can breathe easily.

This perfumed bathing bar comes in a soothing sea breeze fragrance that embraces your body and gently lingers in the air all day long. Not only does it help reduce body odor, but it fights bacteria that causes it. No matter how much you need to travel or how busy your day is, you will still be geared up for date night with all your charm and ready to impress.


Composition Of #Submarine - Aqua Soap

#Submarine - Aqua soap contains:



  • Sea Breeze Fragrance

What The #Submarine - Aqua Soap Ingredients Do?

Sea Breeze Fragrance –  Inspired by the ocean, the gentle fragrance of sea breeze is like a breath of fresh air. The earthy notes with a mild citrus fragrance is perfectly balanced so as to not be too loud and still leave a lasting impression.




Directions To Use #Submarine - Aqua Soap

Wet your body. Lather up the #Submarine Aqua Soap all over your body. Rinse well and dry with a towel. Use daily for best results.


How To Store #Submarine - Aqua Soap

Keep the bathing bar in a soap dish so that the excess water drains out and it lasts longer.



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