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#Black Carbon | Tan & Dirt Cleanser Charcoal Face Wash

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#Armor | Hair Fall Repair Shampoo

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#Pirates | Charcoal Body Wash

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#Fluid | Beard Wash

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#Crude | Clay Cleanser

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#Beardyard | Mooch & Beard oil

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What our customers say

‘My girlfriend gifted me all four products on my birthday and wow… my beard and skin feel amazing. The body wash is one of the best that I have ever used and I can feel it exfoliate my skin. I must say this was not just a treat for me…but also for her. Highly recommended’

- Yash Chawla

'My skin always felt oily and sticky and even washing it multiple times a day did not help. Hashtagstud products are amazing, masculine and bold. They leave a nice fragrance that makes you feel fresh all day. Affordable and effective.’

- Mukund Raj

‘It’s very difficult to find good quality male grooming products. Hashtagstud has kept it simple yet very impressive. I recommend purchasing all their products because it is that good. Even my dad is using the beard oil.

- Uday Singh

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